Keep shoppers coming back

Make sure you have the right staff at the right time, deliver exceptional customer experiences, and empower your store employees.


AI-driven scheduling

Create schedules at a store, region and group level at the click of a button and avoid manual, time-consuming tasks. Widget Brain will forecast who you need in-store.

Peace of mind

Ensure your employee schedules are in line with your employee agreements and local laws, without creating an administrative burden.

Stellar store experience

Ensure the right staffing level at the right time, for a great in-store experience every time that will keep your customers coming back.


See your customers coming

Know precisely how much labor you need and can automatically schedule the best employees for the job.

Hyperlocal Forecasting


“The agility provided by UKG Dimensions and Widget Brain is essential for both short and longer term operational planning.”

Olivier Fache, Director of Organization & Planning

Labor Optimization - Automated Scheduling

Automated schedules with industry-leading accuracy & flexibility

Create schedules in minutes and minimize manual changes mid-operations. Automatically create schedules and comply with labor laws and employee preferences.


Know your required headcount

With Widget Brain, you’ll know how to create optimal labor hours because you'll learn the number of employees needed of each role to meet your demand. We combine our AI-powered demand forecasts with your labor standards.

Labor Optimization - Required Headcount

Automated scheduling for multiple brands

Roadchef used demand forecasting from Widget Brain to plan demand for each one of their brands,  boosting forecasting accuracy, and employee happiness by 15%.

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