Demand Forecasting

The most accurate workforce planning you've ever seen

Create the most accurate future outlook yet with Demand Forecasting.

No matter how complex scheduling gets you’ll never underperform or overspend; your employees will always be right where they need to be.

Get hyperlocal forecasts, track events and calculate required headcounts in an instant.  


Get hyperlocal forecasts

Capture forecasts for different demand drivers like transactions, footfall and revenue per location and department. Identify peak and dull periods on 15 minute, day and week level forecasts with industry-leading accuracy.


Track events for higher accuracy

Get notifications of demand outliers automatically and log the impact of events, holidays and promotions to improve future forecasts.

Calculate required headcount

Compute optimal labor hours and get the number of employees you need in each role to meet demand by combining our AI-powered demand forecasts with your labor standards.


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