Widget Brain's principles for partnerships

Principles are a way of encoding successes, encouraging behaviors that lead to positive outcomes. Here are the principles we use to build great partnerships.

Before we dig into the reasons why you should partner up with Widget Brain, pause for a second and ask yourself this - is there anything more frustrating than missing out on a sale when you know it didn’t have to go down that way? It can be as infuriating as it is frustrating but we know it happens. Clients are demanding. And in the world of WFM those demands can quickly spiral out of control leaving you scratching your head and wondering how on earth you can deliver on all of them. Especially with global employee shortages and various crises ongoing. Clear guiding principles are the best way to stay aligned.

Widget Brain exists to help you when you need AI tech to go the extra mile in terms of what you can deliver, to help you get projects over the line faster and in a more streamlined way, and to be the solution to the kind of complexities that can often result in a deal being lost.

To quickly recap, Widget Brain is a pioneer in advanced AI-driven workforce optimization. It’s AI tech that can seamlessly integrate with WFM software  to solve complex automation and optimization requirements. And collaboration sits at the heart of everything Widget Brain does.

So why - and when - should you use Widget Brain as part of your WFM solution?

EMEA team lead from Widget Brain, Morris Beek, answers those questions.

How does Widget Brain add value to WFM software?

First and foremost, Widget Brain helps solve anything relating to automation and optimization. We’re the AI component that becomes increasingly valuable when automation and optimization become more and more complex.

Our AI components span various use cases: from long-term strategic planning where we help to define capacity gaps and a hiring strategy given budgets, to more mid-term "regular" automated scheduling, where we forecast the upcoming demand and create the normal rosters based on this demand. We also take into account the labor rules and availability of the employees, and short-term optimisation  of rosters based on last-minute changes and task assignment during shifts.

As a very concrete example, let’s look at healthcare. Healthcare typically uses a lot of complex rules regarding how people are assigned to their shifts. There’s a huge number of factors we have to take into consideration such as work / rest patterns, shift types, seniority and skill requirements, consecutive working days, multiple rulesets for the same employee, and much more.  There’s a lot of variation, it can change per country, and, typically, to take all of this into account, is a complex problem. 

So this is one of the best examples of where Widget Brain can add value to any WFM vendor. When the environment gets increasingly complex, we can fill in the gaps and Widget Brain becomes a seamless extension of your product.

Speeding up the sales cycle for WFM vendors

We know your prospects will request certain features or functionality that don’t exist out-of-the-box. And we also know that, even if these are on the roadmap (and the chances are they might not be), it could be between two to four years before they’re rolled out.

So, you’re stuck. You want to include something in the product but if you know it’s going to take two years there’s no way the prospect will go for it. 

Luckily, we’re here to help.

Because of the way we operate, what could take you two years, we can do in two months, increasing the speed of delivery by a number of factors. This means we can help speed up the sales cycle by being able to satisfy requests.

What’s it like working with Widget Brain?

We love a challenge and already we’ve proven to be an invaluable brainstorming partner for a number of WFM vendors. We’re not shy of finding solutions to solve complex problems and our mentality is always: “Let’s see what you have, and let’s figure out how we can make it work.” For us, this is the value we strive to bring as a trusted partner.

Automation and optimization are two sides of the same coin

To summarize, if you’re struggling to solve problems centered around automation and optimization, that require the support of AI-powered tech, then Widget Brain should be your first port of call.

WFM vendors like UKG and Quinyx are already seeing the benefits of adding market-leading AI on top of their solutions - why not find out more about the value we bring and how we can enhance your offering?

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