Widget Brain is the AI Tool to optimize your WFM system

As AI-experts in the Workforce Management space, Widget Brain is a pioneer in advanced AI-driven Workforce Optimization. It allows companies to balance different business objectives by fully automating the labor scheduling process, resulting in significant time and cost savings.

Widget Brain's technology allows employers to create schedules that suit employees' preferences, resulting in higher retention and engagement.

This data-driven approach informs customers better on their workforce planning, employee planning and task assignment. Companies with deskless workers all over the world reduce employee costs, drive more sales, save time creating fair schedules and increase employee retention - all labour law compliant. 

Quinyx acquired Widget Brain in October 2020 to enhance Quinyx's product offering.

Our next-generation technology - combined with WFM expertize from Quinyx - makes revolutionary automation and optimization possible, placing us at the forefront of a market eager for innovation.  

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